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500 CC - 084: King Dedede by Hyliaman 500 CC - 084: King Dedede by Hyliaman
First Appearance: Kirby's Dreamland ( Gameboy 1992 )

Theme Music - [link] ( Dedede's Theme )

Alternatively - [link] ( Fountain of Dreams )

Or - [link] ( Dedede Means Business. )

God damn I am such a villain person, because I love Dedede. He's also one of my favorite Brawl Characters to use. Im sure there aren't many who like to play as Dedede... yeah... there are probably a million Ikes Foxes and Links. ( Let's not discuss it. )

Anyways, he was so bad ass in "Revenge of the King", the new game on Kirby Super Star Ultra. Where in the world can I find that awesome Remix of his theme that plays when you fight him???

Also, I adore that little Waddle Dee. For some reason, I love it when big time losers have such dedicated followers, who really beleive in their weak leaders. Akira Toriyama does it all the time in his comics.

He sure looked a lot different in Kirby 64, huh? In that game I really can beleive he's a penguin. And that's possibly the most heroic I have ever seen him... well... okay, there's also Brawl, where he is the only one who know's what Tabuu is up to the whole time and saves Luigi, Peach, and ( awesome ) Ness.

EDIT: His name in french is Roi DaDiDoo... DAH DEE DOO.... Epic.
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