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500 CC - 181: King Koopa by Hyliaman 500 CC - 181: King Koopa by Hyliaman
First Appearance - The Super Mario Bros. Super Show ( Cartoon, 1991 )

Theme Music - [link] ( I wish I could actually find music from the show...but ah well. )

I drew one of the Cartoon Robotniks, but I actually had an excuse. He appeared in Mean Bean Machine. I have no excuse for this.

When the Super Mario Bros Super Show started, Dic began it's tradition of portraying video game villains extraordinarily off model. But then again, there was never much official artwork for Bowser back in the day. So they must have based it off of his sprite or Fused his sprite with Wart. ( He uses Wart's henchmen in the show )

King Koopa said a ton of horrible, pasta pun filled lines in the Show.

But I think his voice is just plain fantastic. It's fitting for Koopa. Hell, I wish he did the voice for Bowser in Super Mario Sunshine then that wimpy Hercule sound-alike we got.

Bowser and Robotnik had reversed name problems...

We called him King Koopa very early in his career, until NOA desided to ditch his Japanese name and call him Bowser by SMB3.

And for Robotnik, We called him Eggman very late in his career after SOA decided to ditch his American name.

Personally I wish they hadn't changed either of their names.

Oh well.

Bowser's my favorite Mario character, and he's awesome as King Koopa too. I almost wish they were seperate characters.
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March 22, 2009
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